The VAN life

  If you are reading this page and want to read the rest, it is because you are like all the “HIPPIE60S Team”, passionate about freedom.

    Be “Always on the way”.

It is a state of mind: Because as Confucius said, "Happiness is not at the top of the mountain, but in how to climb".

    So we hit the road, without fear and without anger, to discover on the way what we had not imagined but which could change everything!

VAN life

Living in a converted van, theory and practice:

     This freedom that we aspire to and that we feel during a road trip, or the joy of discovering the world, is a widely shared emotion. However, it’s much deeper than an emotion, it’s a real way of life. Some are made for it, others will need to be guided to succeed in this experience, or even this turn in their lives.

      So we offer you a short itinerary before arriving at the most advanced stage that we can describe to you: leaving with your van. Then the rest of the story is yours to write.

A state of mind !

     Being on the road, both literally and figuratively, is a constant questioning, it is to observe, it is to decide ...


    Before buying a van, you need to know if you like it and try out several models. No one else can say for you which van is the best for you except you.

In search of your VAN

    Finally, acquiring your converted van is a personal quest. While everyone would like to have the most legendary of them, the VW combi, you have to study all the offers that exist.

Arrange YOUR VAN

    If you haven't bought a model that's already equipped, you'll need to arrange it. And it is also an art. Unless you opt for a kit!

The VAN life

The Road TRIP

    Here it is, you have rented or bought your campervan! You are ready to hit the road. At first, you don't really know where to go and it can seem weird. In fact, this is a pretty good sign, as you won't be in a rush to get to the place you may have fantasized about as ideal.

    So you won't hesitate to stop over, to stay and chat with the people you meet, to discover the unimaginable diversity of landscapes that you would have missed if you were focused on a single geographical point.

    This step is yours. We wish you a safe journey...