Remember! 1966… Rock takes on a thousand colors and invents still unknown tones. Flowers in their hair, this generation is taking off ... and some have never landed.


The years that interest us at HELLO FLOWER are those between the mid-60s and the beginning of the 70s. Rock welcomes a new wave of creativity. All these artists let go and their imaginations will repaint the old world in color. And of course, a name is on everyone's lips: Jimi Hendrix. But this sound will quickly evolve towards…? We let you read the answer by discovering these twenty titles, more or less known, which illustrate the evolution of this FLOWER POWER “sound”.

Jimi Hendrix

  1. Thirteenth Floor Elevators - You're gonna miss me

Formed at the beginning of 1966, this group from Texas is on the fringes of all “classic” venues. This is the big leap to psychedelia.

  1. The Yardbirds - Shapes of things

Under the impulse of Jeff Beck and his guitar, this group originally of electric blues made its transformation, and this starting from a single song. These are the precursors of flower power

  1. The Byrds - Eight Miles High

A mix of Indian music and jazz and transports you to the ultimate trip.

  1. Count Five - Psychotic Reaction

We tell you, FLOWER POWER has not given everyone the same notoriety. But every group has contributed. Hailing from California with mighty guitars, Count Five has just one claim to fame, but it's worth the trip

  1. The Mothers of invention - Hungry Freaks, Daddy

Frank Zappa doesn't hesitate to manhandle the brand new psychedelic movement, accompanied by his gang of “freaks”.

  1. Donovan - Sunshine Superman

Like Dylan a few months before him, Donovan lifts his folk with tangy notes from electric guitars. For a more solar side, more FLOWER POWER

  1. The Doors - Light my fire

One of the favorite tracks from HELLO FLOWER which was inspired by its rock hashtag #LIGHTmyFLOWER. Scheduled for the first edition of the festival, this burning second single from The Doors is a rock legend.

  1. The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever

They couldn't miss the summer of love and the flower power movement. So the Beattles are preparing Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts club band. To make people wait before the release of the album, they released this sweet single imagined by John Lennon. We know the rest ...

  1. Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze

But no, we haven't forgotten it! The undisputed legend, the God of guitarists. It is a revelation, an illumination that explodes in the face of the world with this grandiose title which remains the reference for all generations of guitarists.

  1. Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

From June 1967, the center of gravity of rock tilted towards San Francisco. Influenced by Alice in Wonderland, a novel that would have been written under psychotropic drugs, here is a surreal title that makes you want to follow the rabbit!

  1. Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine

The captain of the British group, Syd Barrett, takes his listeners into space. Watch out for the landing ...

  1. The Rolling Stones - She's a rainbow

Color! You need color for this flower power period. This group of bad boys in rock performs with this title “rainbow”, they which generally produce a rougher rock.

  1. Love - Alone Again or

You have to know how to be patient. Little appreciated in the 60s, the group became cult during the following decades thanks to Forever Changes, a very “mixed” album.

  1. The Chamber Brothers - Time has come today

Soul comes to the fore on this track which met with resounding success in December 1967 as it soaked up the psychedelic revolution.

  1. Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues

Flower power rock is a moment as fleeting as the bloom of a flower. The sound will quickly change. From January 1968, the guitars are already getting heavier.

  1. Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

Another trend in evolution, the titles are lengthening. With 17 psychedelic minutes and sounds that herald hard-rock, this second-rate band manages to sell 30 million albums. Another era ...

  1. The Grateful Dead - Dark Star

Here is a group which summarizes well the paradoxes of the Sixties, its most beautiful successes (artistic, ideological) but also its greatest excesses.

  1. Quicksilver Messenger Service - Who do you love

Here we are. San Francisco, at the end of 1968, the psychedelic revolution was transformed into an exercise in guitar virtuosity which would later give birth to hard-rock, then metal and heavy metal. Under the petals of the rose, the thorns ...

  1. Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan

Here we are ! The creators of heavy-metal have arrived. But the origins remain audible in this title with floating charm.

  1. The Temptations - Papa was a rolling stone

No more colors, no more Peace and Love. This title illustrates the end of this optimistic era. Back to emotional reality, we sing about the sufferings of an unhappy youth