The Rock Festival

An atmosphere above all!


Our common role model is Woodstock. It was THE rock festival that changed everything! There is a “before” and an “after” Woodstock. But who knows exactly the progress of these 3 days? Only the big names come out spontaneously, such Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Santana, the Fish… and then Richie Havens for its opening…. then Joe Coecker (some say “oh well he was there!).

In fact, it was above all the atmosphere in which this festival took place that made an impression. The good sound, the good performances, the mud, the blocked roads, the lack of everything, the improvisation imposed by the unexpected success ... All of this takes a back seat behind the intangible and unforgettable moment that we shared 500,000 people, because the atmosphere was too cool in a positive and fraternal state of mind!

A very specific musical style!

Since Woodstock, the “festival rock” experience has continued to spread, multiply and specialize. Indeed, rock has evolved into several currents (hard rock, metal, indie, underground, etc.) and has generated multiple hordes of followers claiming their festival!

An universe and its codes.

It must be said that the Metal universe is one of the most codified on the planet Rock. The graphics, the aesthetics, the vocal tone, the themes covered, the tempos played, the instruments… Everything is in keeping with the technical complexity of the scores! In comparison, the punk-rock universe is much more “simple” and “flexible”. Less elitist and more demanding, his fans find their account there, but the symbols are there (the circled “A”, the guitar playing in fifth, the torn jeans…). We could analyze and make a list for all currents but that is not the subject of the article. I especially want to retain common values like sincerity and energy.

rock n roll

Counter-culture ?

Originally, rock was anti-establishment. In essence, he has the will to change society. Rock is full of claims, which resonate in the souls of its fans. Is it still a counter culture today, after the golden years of show business, which made the Rock-Stars millionaires? Well, we're not going to lie to each other, this "golden age" is over and rock has regained the sincerity I mentioned above. From there to speak of outright counter-culture ... Of course, we can contemplate that the underground which had been drowned by purely commercial productions is flourishing again. In fact, the RAP went through there and siphoned off the money. Artists of this musical style have no problem getting rich with their music. Where rockers have always wanted to keep the marginal anti-consumerist style, rappers brag about increasing their wealth, especially if it's by doing illegal stuff. In other words, rock'n'roll is not in the wrong way that RAP has aspired to get rich and flaunt its tickets. Less money in the balance tends to return rock to authenticity, and we love it! So why not make it a festival?

rock festival

Share among enthusiasts!

It is clear that after reading his lines, we feel the passion that drives us and remains alive for this music. Rock flows through our veins, and as soon as the first vibrations ring out, it builds bridges between us to connect without Wifi, without bluetooth, without Facebook or other InstagramoTweetoSnapoLinkedin. In a festival, the people around us are not our “friends” but can become so, just by listening to the sound of guitars and basslines! In a festival, the priority is the moment and not to photograph the moment. In a festival, the sensations are real, the gathering is real, the pleasure is real… And no one can ever change that!