6 Popular Hippie House Ideas For Christmas

Christmas decorating can look a little dull if you use the same decorations year after year. Create some high-intensity Christmas decorating by injecting a little “ Hippie” into your decorating. Let your creative side flow and have fun creating your own alternative Christmas tree this holiday season. These ideas work great in a variety of spaces too, whether it is a small apartment or a large home.

1. Christmas Tree Decors 

Rock colorful Hippie Ornaments and make a few specific ones. You can crochet them, make mini dream catchers with feathers, make crystal solar catchers wrapping them with leather-based cord, make a decoration garland or wreath. Find a few antique embellishments and make striking use of an embroidery hoop and ambitious ribbon. You don't need a tree to show embellishments: simply dangle them on a string or at the window and all people will see your show.


Christmas Tree Decors 

2. Hippie Flag And Wreaths

Making a flag or wreaths holds formidable Hippie style in mind: make an evergreen peace wreath, a floral piece wreath interwoven with lights, a collection of dreamcatchers so that it will create a snowman door decoration. They will make your property hotter and cute. You also can make a wreath of sticks and a few greenery for a herbal feel, conventional form isn’t necessary – make it a triangle, for example. Your guests will feel welcome when they visit you. 


Christmas Flag

3. Cozy Candles and Colorful Collections

The purpose is to create a comfortable area complete of life, well-lived, complete of memories, trinkets, and hues from across the world. Don’t forget about the usage of brightly colored candles and collections of colorful embellish for brilliant splashes of color as props.

Add hand-crafted elements, the Hippie Homewares & Decore of individual, precise and unusual. Contrasting hand-crafted objects towards brilliant replicas and glass embellishes are suitable companions.

Christmas Candles

4. Add Some Wood Details

Natural factors like timber paintings are specially properly in a cutting-edge hippie bedroom. Go all-in with all timber furnishings, or genuinely upload one piece like a facet table. Other herbal factors include vegetation paintings without a doubt properly, too.  Especially on Christmas day, wooden items like pallet signs lean-to-ladder Christmas trees Make your home more cozy and wonderful than ever.

Hippie Christmas Pallet Sign

5. Hang Hippie Details

To add a stylish hippie room, add details that jibe with the theme. Start with light fixtures that look boho in style but stay in function.  Moroccan-style lanterns with dimmer buttons are what you can add to create the hippie look. Wall hanging decors such as macrame wall hangers and Hippie posters are the best to complete the look of hippie style.

Hippie Christmas Poster

6. Bring crystals and geodes into your space.

Whether it's decorations or ~ positive moods, crystals can brighten up any space and help you stay grounded. They don't have to be as big as these. The best way to make this work is by making the space your own by infusing your pieces and personality. That is what makes it inviting and interesting. That doesn’t mean changing your style or life, just add rich, vivid colors of any hue, and go bold with any patterns you happen to love. Explore textures and colors.

Christmas Crystals

Not only, Hippie, everyone can decorate the house according to our suggestions above. Make the space of your home cozy this Christmas season. May your Christmas be filled with special moments, warmth, peace, and happiness, the joy of covered ones near, and wish you all the joys of Christmas and a year of happiness.