About us

Hippie60s mission - Art for a more creative world

Our dream was very simple. We wanted to help independent artists sell their creations on their own terms. Creativity and personal expression have finally found their playground.

“Be Your Own Hippie” - Freedom as a style.

Inspired by travelers, the hippie and artistic world, the bohemian style is more trendy than ever… Whether in decoration or in fashion, many designers immerse us in this light, creative and uninhibited universe which smacks of… freedom !

Being hippie chic is like in the 60s, it means adopting a “cool” art of living that rhymes with peace and well-being… Van-Life and festivals go hand in hand with this style flowery and relaxed. We feel good in a bohemian look, which brings a breeze of lightness in our current life too often speed ...

Be Hippie

The festival look is very much inspired by the hippie chic style of the 70s. And in recent years, to discover new fashion trends, we have been riveting our eyes on the American reference, the Coachella festival, which has been taking place every year since 1999. at the end of April ...

Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna ... All the greatest "fashionistas" compete for originality with remarkable appearances. Style battles are raging because the possibilities are endless! In addition, it is more difficult to make a “fashion faux pas” with a vintage hippie outfit, which allows a lot of freedom.

Dare the unexpected!

So now is the time to be able to let your personality fully express itself. Break the codes, even if some combinations are not obvious, now it's the time to create "your own hippie" look at Hippie60s. Let your fantasy speak: we let go, we dare ... we live!

Be Hippie Chic